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Founder and leader of the Latvian Pilates Association,

Educator for Pilates method on large equipment and mats. Founder and leader of PiYo Studio.

Qualified B-category trainer with a bachelor's degree in sports science. A graduate of LSPA (Latvian Academy of Sport Education) with 23 years of work experience in the trainer profession.

Graduate of Michael Alan KING LONDON's MK Pilates international school with a silver diploma, qualified Pilates instructor.

Received additional PILATES training in person from direct descendant students of Joseph Pilates (Creator of Pilates method):

  • Michael Alan KING (LONDON)
  • Alan Herdman (the first to introduce and implement Pilates in England and creator of the first Pilates studios in London)
  • Additional training in Alan Herdman's Open floor system on large Pilates equipment (Pilates reformer, leader barrel, Cadillac, Pilates chair, spine corrector)
  • Mary Bowen – a direct student of Joseph Pilates. Individual training and practice under Mary's guidance in her NYC studio
  • Rose Kirschenbaum NYC, leader of Joseph Pilates' studio
  • Organized international instructor training in Latvia – Ala Shevchenko (Kazan), Anna Varonina (Moscow), Gulnara Mazitova (Kazan), Michael Alan King (London), Anton Shapochka (Moscow), Inga Yakhney (India)
  • Trainer for Pilates (equipment), yoga, and fitness private and group classes
  • 15 years of professional experience in the largest sports club networks in Latvia
  • Participated in large-scale public sports events in Latvia
  • Examiner for RSU exam commission.

Trainer's motto: "Life is a constant movement."

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Since January 2022, the instructor at PiYo Studio offering private, couples, and small group classes.

Qualified C-category and Pilates Reformer Level 1 trainer with 5 years of experience in international sports club networks like Virgin Active and Pure Gym.

For the last 3 years, she has successfully offered private fitness training on an online platform.

Additional Acquired Qualifications and Certificates:

  • Technical and practical application of Pilates Reformer (Latvian Pilates Association)
  • Fundamentals of Pilates exercises on mats for adults (Latvian Pilates Association)
  • Precision Nutrition Pn1 / Pn1 Nutrition Coach International – Nutrition Specialist (Level 1)
  • NASM Weight Specialism – Weight Loss Specialist
  • NASM Behavior Change – Behavior Change Specialist
  • NASM International Certified Personal Trainer
  • ZUU Affiliate: Bronze Certificate – Animal Movement Techniques

Trainer's motto: "The body achieves what the mind believes!"

Improve your health, appearance, and well-being together with me – register for training and begin your journey to a better quality of life!

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Pilates instructor -  teaches private, couple, and small group classes.

Listed in the medical personnel registry as a beautician, before turning to a training career, gained a deep understanding of anatomy over several years working as a massage therapist in Riga, London, and the Austrian Alps. Has been practicing Pilates and yoga since teenage years. Individual approach and care for each client, considering each one's physical preparedness and characteristics. Inclusive and supportive environment.

Pilates Reformer Level 1 (Latvian Pilates Association) Basics of Pilates Exercise Method on the Mat for Adults (Latvian Pilates Association)

Motto: ‘Listen to your body!’

Listen to yourself and find physical and emotional satisfaction in movement, maintaining a balance between effort and kindness to yourself.

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Certified yoga specialist. Holds an international ITEC (London) certificate.

Has been practicing yoga for over 5 years.
Teaches both group and individual yoga classes.
Currently expanding knowledge in Pilates. Believes that combining yoga and Pilates can achieve excellent results - a strong and firm, yet relaxed and liberated body.

Additional education and completed courses:
Basics of Pilates Exercise Method on the Mat for Adults (Latvian Pilates Association).

Trainer's motto: "In a healthy body resides a healthy mind!"

Feeling good in your body is important! If we feel good, then we look good, and vice versa. The mind and body are closely connected, so we need to take care of both our physical movements and how we engage/rest our minds.
Controlled. Conscious. Calm.

See you in the classes!

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Qualified Category C fitness trainer with over 7 years of experience in group and private sessions.

Currently expanding knowledge in Pilates. Believes that combining various types of workouts can yield visible results not only physically, but also provide answers to inner questions.

Conducts classes in both Latvian and Russian.

Additional education and completed courses include:

  • Basics of Pilates Exercise Method on the Mat for Adults (Latvian Pilates Association;
  • The International TRX Suspension Training Course (TRX Baltics);
  • Myofascial Release in Group and Personal Training (Fitness Factory);
  • Group Exercise/Stretching (Fitness Factory);
  • Training Clients with Diastasis Recti (Fitness Factory);
  • Nutritionology Course at Jekaterina Novikova's School;
  • Principles of Movement Polestar;
  • Exercise During Pregnancy and Anatomy of the Abdominal Press (Latvian Trainers Continuing Education Center);
  • Chronic Lower Back Pain and Development of Back Muscle Exercise Techniques (Latvian Trainers Continuing Education Center).

Trainer's motto: Without physical health, there is no mental health. Our body is our home, which needs care not only when something is broken, but should be nurtured and loved every day. Discover yourself and your body through movement, and see you in the classes.

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Qualified B-category trainer with a bachelor's degree in health sports. An RSU (Riga Stradins University) graduate with over 10 years of work experience in the role of a trainer, both in fitness and health exercises.

Since 2019, she has been an instructor at Piyo Studio. She conducts classes in both Latvian and Russian.

Additional Education and Completed Courses:

  • Pilates Reformer Level 1 (Latvian Pilates Association)
  • The International TRX Suspension Training Course (TRX Baltics)
  • PRE-Pilates Exercise Functionality (RSU Continuing Education Faculty)
  • Fundamentals of Pilates Exercises on Mats for Adults (Latvian Pilates Association)
  • Fascial Plasticity - Work with Body and Face (Irēna Tērauda)
  • Medical Taping Concept (Physiotape International Academy)
  • Nutriciology - Stop Aging (J. Bahtina), Metabolic Active, Women's Health (A. Bibikov), Practical Nutrition (M. Malceva)
  • Various professional development courses and conferences

Trainer's motto: "Health is not just the absence of illness, but also the care for one's physical and emotional well-being."

If you want to improve your physical and emotional well-being and experience how physical activities and fascial therapy can bring joy and enhance your quality of life, register for classes or a massage!